Bhramam Review One more remake of Andhadhun Oh no ps

Hemant M Rao should be blamed. Kannada film director Hemant. At the behest of these, director Sriram Raghavan saw the French film “Le Chorder” i.e. piano tuner, based on the story of a blind piano player. From here the idea came to his mind to make a murder, crime, suspense thriller film on the life of a blind pianist and the birth of “Andhadhun”. He also did some art in the name. Mixing Andha and Dhun, he made a film with speed and speed. First the critics liked it, then the audience and then there was a competition in which language it could be remade, to be used. Its Malayalam version has been released on 7 September 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

Remaking is easy as well as difficult. Easy because the script of the film is completely ready. Apart from this, the shooting script is also prepared. The scale of acting is also fixed, that is, the film has to be made as it is. It is difficult because the original film is successful. Many people have seen it and naturally there will be comparisons. There is also a kind of risk that if something is missed, or if there is a task to change the environment of the story, then it is possible that the audience may deny it outright. “Bhramam” does not seem to be making any such mistake. Frame by frame the film is kept as it is. The special thing in this is that this film still looks new because its lead actors Prithviraj, Rashi Khanna or Mamta Mohandas are celebrated artists in themselves.

His acting shows his own identity and hence, despite being a remake, it is nice to watch this film. Hemant Rao, Sriram Raghavan, Arijit Biswas (writer and director of Bengali films), Yogesh Chandekar have maintained tremendous suspense in the story of Andhadhun. Shriram Raghavan’s magic wand is in the hands of author and editor Pooja Laddha Surti. Pooja has either written or edited each of Shri Ram’s films. The awesomeness of Pooja’s writing can be clearly seen in every scene of Andhadhun. Bhramam has not made the mistake of changing it at all.

Prithviraj Sukumaran has acted in about 125 films, has won National Awards and is counted among the most successful actors of Malayalam films. Prithviraj, who has a simple, easy-going, gentle personality, has performed brilliantly in the role of a clever pianist in Bhramam. He has appeared better than Ayushmann Khurrana in many scenes. Prithviraj’s acting is top notch. Rashi Khanna is in the role of his girlfriend. Rashi from Delhi wanted to make IAS. While working in an advertising firm, she worked in some advertisement films and then slowly came on the big screen. Rashi is not only beautiful, she is also successful and she has done a good job in this film. Radhika Apte’s role in Andhadhun was good but she acts the same in every role. In this case, the money has won.

Two other prominent roles are Unni Mukundan, who plays Circle Inspector Dinesh Prabhakaran, and his sweetheart, Mamta Mohandas, the original heroine of the film, who plays Tabu. Although Mamta is a capable and talented actress, but the character that Tabu has played in the Hindi version has not even been able to reach her. Other actors are seen playing their roles well. One of the strong aspects of the film is the music of the film. Jacques Bijoy has created panic in the music world of Malayalam cinema. For the past few years, the music of every successful and off-beat cinema has been the music of Jacques. The song Muntiripuvo is well composed.

In most suspense films, many stories run together but they fall apart from any one origin story. The specialty of Bhram or Andhadhun is an original story and a few short co-stories which all seem like branches of the original story. The cinematographer of the film Ravi K. Chandran is the director of the film. This is the second film directed by him. Ravi has won many awards for cinematography. There are many films like Dil Chahta Hai, Yuva, Student of the Year, Virasat, Saawariya and many more in which the magic of Ravi’s camera work has worked. The editor of the film is his friend, Sreekar Prasad, who has edited more than 100 films so far, from National Award to Kerala State Film Awards winner Sreekar, keeping the pace of this film.

Must see illusion. It has been 3 years since the release of Andhadhun. A remake of this story based on a French film is being made. The film has been released in Telugu under the name Maestro. The language of Bhram is Malayalam. Tamil remake is also coming soon. Looks like this film should be dubbed and released in every language.

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