Berlin police probe US embassy havana syndrome

Berlin. There are reports of American officials suffering from ‘Havana syndrome’ around the world, so the Berlin Police in Germany has started an investigation into the matter. He said that US embassy staff are investigating it after suffering from symptoms of the so-called Havana syndrome. Police said that there was a complaint of alleged sonic weapon attack on the employees. Since 2016, more than 200 US officials have reported suffering from Havana syndrome. At the same time, on Friday, President Biden has spoken of reaching “the causes and its responsibilities” for the syndrome.

People affected by the so-called disease say that they have felt a sudden pressure sensation inside their head and also heard strange buzzing sounds coming from a certain direction. Other US officials reported complaints of symptoms including dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Der Spiegel reported that several people at the US embassy in Berlin reported symptoms of Havana syndrome.

A spokesman for the embassy declined to comment on the police questioning, but the US investigation into cases around the world, according to a report by news agency Reuters, is ongoing. At the same time, Biden’s statement on Havana syndrome came at a time when he signed a bill to improve health care and increase financial support for victims. But he referred to the situation as “unusual health events” rather than an attack. He said that government personnel, intelligence officers, diplomats and military personnel have been affected all over the world.

Symptoms of this mysterious disease were first found in 2016 among officials present at the US Embassy in Cuba. Since then many similar reports have come to the fore. Last month, the CIA station chief in Vienna was fired for failing to stop the mysterious syndrome attack at the embassy.

Symptoms were also found in India
CIA Director William Burns was on a visit to India this September along with his officers. He had also disclosed about the symptoms of this disease there.

What is Havana Syndrome?
Due to this, American and Canadian diplomats, spies and embassy staff are suffering around the world. More than 200 people have given information about its symptoms, the disease was first detected in Cuba, followed by Australia, Austria, Colombia, Russia and Uzbekistan. On August 24, US Vice President Kamala Harris’ flight to Vietnam was delayed because of suspected cases in the country’s capital Hanoi.

Damage to the brain is like a bomb blast
In 2016, several CIA officers working at the US embassy in the Cuban capital Havana filed complaints of pressure and tingling in their heads. They were all vomiting and feeling tired, as well as finding it difficult to remember anything. Along with this, he was also having pain in the ear and difficulty in hearing. Later, when the brain was scanned, it was found that the damaged tissue was seen in the same way as the brain tissue is damaged during an accident or bomb blast. Soon after, the US government had withdrawn more than half of its embassy staff from the city.

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