Avinesh Rekhi changed himself for Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na show

Avinesh Rekhi and Anjali Tatrari will play the lead roles in the upcoming show Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na. The story revolves around Krishna Chaturvedi played by Anjali.

Avinesh worked really hard to transform himself completely by losing 13 kgs in a short span of time to play the role of Rajkumar in the show.

Avinesh said, for most people, losing weight is a dream. Losing weight is indeed a very difficult task. I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life, but this time it was quite difficult for me.

He lost 13 kg in a short span of time, which surprised him, as he had not lost that much weight before at this pace, he said.

He further added, when you have dedication, and work with motivation, and follow a rigorous diet, you get the desired results.

I didn’t go to the gym for any weight training, I only did functional training that required hands-on workouts, like push-ups and pull-ups.

Explaining why he was so eager to lose weight, the actor said, “When I was offered the show, they wanted me to shoot without clothes for a lot of scenes. The show is really challenging, but I am very satisfied and excited to see myself on screen, and I am sure it will be a treat for all my fans.

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