Anupama Spoiler Alert kavya will first win trust of anupama and then hit anuj | Anupama Spoiler Alert: Kavya plans to get Anuj, will cheat Anupama

New Delhi: A big twist is about to come in the TV serial ‘Anupama’. Anupama’s life is changing completely now. Anupama’s life has started to blossom again with the entry of a new character. Now in such a situation, the question is whether the upcoming episode of Anupama will see a romantic style? There are many who stop Anuj Kapadia and Anupama from coming close. Even after this, both of them have finally joined hands. The biggest twist will be seen in the upcoming episodes. Many people are ready to remove Anuj-Kavya. People do not want Anupama to achieve anything big in her life.

Kavya will work under Anupama

Twists are coming one after the other in the show. According to the track going on today, new problems are about to knock in Anupama’s life. In the coming episodes, Kavya will be hired by Anupama. Kavya will now work for Anupama’s project. Anuj will warn Kavya not to create any new trouble for Anupama, but she probably has no idea that Kavya has reached there with a purpose and her motive is related to Anupama’s ruin.

Kavya will betray Anupama

Soon you will see that Anupama will start showing her true colors. Anupama is Anuj’s best partner, but Kavya feels that Anupama is not at the right place. Kavya wants to take his place. Kavya feels that she can do better work than Anupama and she is more eligible. Now in such a situation, Kavya has prepared a new plan. Kavya will cheat Anupama with her new plan. She wants to get Anupama out of her way.

Kavya will make a plan to defeat Anupama

You will see that Anupama will first win Anuj’s heart, so that Anupama starts trusting him. After doing this, she will also win the trust of Anuj. She would like to replace Anupama by doing so. His wish is that he should take over the company and the project and come closer to Anuj and work with him. Now it remains to be seen whether Kavya will be able to do this? Will Anuj Kapadia come to know about Kavya’s (Madalsa Sharma) intentions? Twists will keep you entertained a lot in the upcoming episodes.

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