Anupama Spoiler Alert anuj anupama romance at juhu beach vanraj reaches juhu beach along with kavya | Anupama Spoiler Alert: Anupama-Anuj’s romance will be disturbed by Vanraj, Kavya will be in bad condition due to jealousy

New Delhi: A big twist is about to come in the TV serial ‘Anupama’. Anupama’s life is changing completely now. Anupama’s life has started to blossom again with the entry of this new character. Now in such a situation, the question is whether the upcoming episode of Anupama will see a romantic style? There are many who stop Anuj Kapadia and Anupama from coming close. Even after this, both of them have finally joined hands. The biggest twist will be seen in the upcoming episodes. After all, Anuj and Anupama have got a chance to spend time alone. Both have reached Mumbai together, but Vanraj is about to reach to disturb the love of both.

Anuj and Anupama reach Mumbai

Till now you have seen that Anuj Kapadia and Anupama left for Mumbai after boarding the flight. Both talked a lot together in the flight and understood each other. Anuj also kept helping Anupama in the flight. He informs her from putting on the belt to keeping the baggage. Anupama gets very impressed with Anuj. She feels that Anuj has a lot of status. On the other hand, Anuj takes care of Anupama like a gentleman all the way. Both reach Mumbai happily, but a big twist is about to come when both of them reach Mumbai.

Anuj and Anupama have fun at the beach

Next you see that Anuj Kapadia and Anupama will spend quality time after reaching Mumbai. If Anupama wants to go to Juhu Beach, then Anuj will take her to the beach in free time after the work is over. Anuj will be very happy to see happiness on Anupama’s face. He has never seen anyone so happy after seeing the sea before. Anuj will enjoy keeping some distance from Anupama. Along with this, he will give him his coat so that he does not feel cold. During this, Anupama will also eat candy floss and will also feed Anuj with her hands. Together they will see the beauty of the sea and feel the cool breeze.

Vanraj will reach the beach with Kavya

There will be no place for Anupama’s happiness. She will keep laughing non stop. Anuj and Anupama Sahil will keep roaming on the shore that only then Vanraj and Kavya will come in front of both of them. In such a situation, both will get a big blow. Vanraj and Kavya will also reach Juhu Beach. You will also be surprised to know why and how this will happen. Anuj Kapadia will greet Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) after seeing him. Vanraj will taunt Anupama and Anuj, saying that both are working at Juhu Beach. Hearing this, Anupama will get angry and leave with Anuj.

Kavya will be jealous

Not only Anuj Kapadia, Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) also loves Anupama and Kavya will also realize this. Vanraj will get burnt seeing Anupama and Anuj enjoying close and together. By the way, he has already told Kavya that he has attachment for Anupama, which is not ending. Kavya will get upset knowing this. Vanraj will start sidelining Kavya for Anupama in the upcoming episodes. Even after divorce, he finds Anupama as his wife. In such a situation, even Kavya does not want Vanraj to get out of her hands. She wants to keep Vanraj as her own at all costs.

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