Antibiotics more effective on Superbugs Too-Scientists have discovered a way to increase the effect of antibiotics will help in controlling superbugs nav

Antibiotics more effective on Superbugs Too Scientists have found a way by which antibiotics will be more effective on resistant bacteria. Bacteria that resist antibiotics are also called superbugs. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance of superbugs is increasing and it is one of the 10 major threats to global health. In the journal Nature Communications published According to the report, this study will help in increasing the effect of antibiotics.

Antibiotics will activate the immune system

During bacterial infection, the body produces neutrophils at the site of infection through molecules called chemoattractants. Neutrophils are immune cells, which are capable of eliminating harmful bacteria. Researchers added a chemoattractant to an antibiotic, which increased its ability to produce immune cells and kill harmful bacteria. Dr Jennifer Payne, lead researcher from EMBL Australia, says, ‘When we figure out how our immune system combats bacteria, there are two important aspects to consider. First, our ability to trap and kill bacteria, and second, the chemoattractant and white blood cell responses that activate the body’s immune system to fight off infection.

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what the researcher has to say
The researchers combined a chemoattractant known as Formyl Peptide with vancomycin. This was followed by a study on a dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria called Golden Staph Infection. Vancomycin is a commonly used antibiotic drug, which binds to the surface of bacteria. Dr. Payne said, ‘We were working on chemoattractant hybrids, which improve the number of neutrophils and increase their ability to kill bacteria.’

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experiments on rats
Max Krill, an EMBL Australia group leader and associate professor at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, said, “During the use of an antibiotic that increases immunity in mice, we found that even a fifth of it is more effective than other antibiotics. ‘

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