Akhilesh hits out at BJP, says this government only knows how to change names | Akhilesh hits out at BJP, says this government only knows how to change names

Digital Desk, Lucknow. Election winds have started blowing in Uttar Pradesh. In this sequence, Akhilesh Yadav blew the election bugle from Saharanpur on Sunday and attacked the BJP government. Let us inform that today Akhilesh Yadav was addressing a public meeting in Titro, Saharanpur. In it, the SP President strongly surrounded the Yogi government regarding the Lakhimpur Kheri incident and said that the anti-farmer government has to be uprooted from the state.

Upcoming elections will decide the future of UP

Let us inform that the SP supremo said in his address that this election will decide the future of farmers and youth. Now you have to decide whether to make the future of your children and youth or to put them in the dark. Because this government only knows how to change the name, not work, this is a government of smoke blowers, it only knows how to blow smoke and nothing else.

Akhilesh said on Lakhimpur Kheri incident

Let us inform that former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said on the Lakhimpur Kheri incident that the people of the government crush the farmers under the vehicles. This government is a government that crushes the farmers. So now the time has come to remove this government. Akhilesh also said that which officer can conduct a fair investigation in front of the minister. Whoever goes to investigate, he will first beat the minister and then ask and when he starts walking, then he will beat the minister. The officers who kill this sloot will be able to conduct a fair investigation in front of the minister. That is why the minister himself should resign on the ground of morality, otherwise the government itself should sack him from the post of minister.

Public tempting promises to the public

Let us tell you that in the program, Akhilesh announced that as soon as the SP government comes, such an expressway will be ready from Saharanpur to Lucknow, which can reach Lucknow in just 4-5 hours. This expressway will be started by breaking the first coconut as soon as the government is formed. Akhilesh made another promise that after the formation of the SP government, a separate fund would be created for the farmers. Every problem of the farmers will be resolved immediately so that the farmer of the state becomes happy and prosperous.


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