Aishwarya Khare’s new look in Bhagya Laxmi stuns the audience | Fans were surprised by Aishwarya Khare’s new look in “Bhagya Laxmi”, the actress said- it was a lot of fun to shoot this scene

Digital Desk, Mumbai. Actress Aishwarya Khare opened up about her new look in the television serial Bhagya Laxmi. The story of the show revolves around a selfless girl, Lakshmi. For a special sequence in the show, Aishwarya is seen in a unique style and new look of Raj Mata. Her look is quite funny with a blonde wig, round glasses and fake rabbit teeth.

An interesting twist is seen in the ongoing track where Rishi (played by actor Rohit Suchanti) is falsely accused of molestation and Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) helps him save Rishi and his family name. After several plans fail, Lakshmi finally comes up with an interesting plan to save her husband. Laxmi and Ayushmann (played by actor Aman Gandhi) hatch a plan to expose Shanaya (played by actor Kamya Pandey) and make her confess her crime and accuses Rohit of wrongfully molesting her.

Talking about her look, Aishwarya said that it was a very fun experience for Aman and me to shoot this scene as we both had to wear wigs and we looked completely different from our characters. At first, it was a bit difficult. And I was not quite sure that gray hair and rabbit teeth would suit me.

He said but thankfully we did it well. Aman also looked amazing wearing a turban in the Sardar get-up and I am really happy that we both got a chance to look such different while playing our characters. I believe all this really helps us to explore our acting skills. Bhagya Laxmi airs on Zee TV.



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