Actor Prakash Raj demands CCTV footage of MAA elections

Hyderabad: After heavy drama in the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections, Vishnu Manchu has been elected the president of the association. Even though his rival Prakash Raj and his supporters have resigned from their posts, Vishnu has not reacted.

Several actors came forward claiming to have faced mental harassment by the Manchu family during the MAA elections. Many also alleged malpractices in the election. In this connection, Prakash Raj has sought evidence from the spot. He has written a letter to the polling officer demanding CCTV footage from the polling station.

Prakash Raj’s letter said, “You were a witness to many unfortunate incidents that happened in the recently concluded MAA elections. The anger was high and we saw the unruly, anti-social behavior of DRC member Mohan Babu and former president Naresh. He abused, threatened and physically assaulted members of the MAA.

I think you used your discretionary powers to allow him and his henchmen in the polling area.

Prakash Raj said that the members of MAA also want to know the truth of these reports.

Demanding CCTV footage of the election, Prakash Raj said, “As a polling officer, it is your duty to preserve all the records for at least three months.

He wrote, I request you to provide the CCTV footage at the earliest. Unless you take immediate action, I’m afraid the footage could be deleted or tampered with.

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