6 Turkish opposition parties discuss return to parliamentary system heaping pressure on Erdogan

Ankara. Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, who made a statement against India on Kashmir, has come into trouble in his country these days. Six Turkish opposition parties have united to overthrow him and his party from power. Elections are to be held in the country in 2023. But the results of opinion polls ahead of the election indicate that support for the ruling coalition has waned, increasing pressure on President Erdogan.

Opposition strengthens against Erdogan
Opposition parties said at a meeting that further broadening the new alliance had helped them deal a blow to Erdogan in the 2019 local elections. It was decided in this meeting that weekly meetings would be held to reach a consensus on a principle by the end of the year.

Government failed on big issues of Turkey
According to the BBC report, political experts say that the opposition parties in Turkey are trying to do something that has never happened before. They are uniting to face the government for the first time. The Erdogan government has been heavily criticized on issues such as inflation, unemployment, the Corona epidemic, forest fires, floods and dealing with the economic crisis. Due to this their support has also decreased.

Public support is also decreasing
Opinion polls show Erdogan’s AK party with between 31-33% of the vote. Which is much less than the parliamentary elections held in the year 2018. During that time his party got 42.6% of the votes. AK Party’s ally Nationalist MHP Party has also seen a decrease in vote percentage, it got 11.1% votes in the year 2018, but opinion polls show the party getting only 8-9% votes. Erdogan will barely be able to return to power if the results of the opinion polls come up in the elections as well. IYI party vice-president Bahadir Erdem said that the coming together of these six parties has given hope to the people.

Erdogan has spewed poison over Kashmir
Turkish President Erdogan is a close ally of Pakistan. Since the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir, India has been criticized continuously. While advocating for Pakistan, he had given strict statements for India regarding Kashmir and also demanded restoration of special status of the state.

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