20 lakh houses will get PNG connection in Eastern UP | State government will give PNG connections to 20 lakh houses in eastern UP through pipes

Digital Desk, Lucknow. People of eastern Uttar Pradesh will no longer need to bring LPG cylinders to meet the demand of LPG as the state government is preparing to supply gas to their LPG through pipes. In this regard, the central government and the Uttar Pradesh government are going to provide PNG connections to about 20 lakh families of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

According to a government spokesperson, plans are already underway to lay a 2,050-km long gas pipeline from Haldia in West Bengal to Jagdishpur in Uttar Pradesh. The state government has started work on this scheme in collaboration with the Centre. PNG connections will also be economical and secure. With the availability of PNG connections, the problem of carrying LPG cylinders will be avoided by the people and the possibility of shortage will also be ruled out.

It is worth noting that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had recently started supplying PNG through pipeline by giving connections to 101 people in Gorakhpur. The Chief Minister had said that PNG would be cheaper than conventional gas cylinders and would save around 35-40 per cent of consumers’ money. Also, the problem of carrying gas cylinders will also end. He had said, whatever you eat, the bill will come. There will be no complaint of gas theft and there will be no shortage.



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