After the protest of the employees, the urban company reduced its commission

New Delhi: Online home service provider Urban Company (formerly known as UrbanClap) has cut its commission following protests by its employees over pay equality and working conditions.

In fact, for several days, the employees and beauty service professionals associated with the company had expressed their anger against the attitude of the company and this issue also caught the attention of people on social media. The company has now announced to reduce the commission charged from the beauty service professionals associated with it from 30 per cent to 25 per cent on Thursday.

The company said that for the beauty category (in which almost all female partners work), it is reducing the highest commission slab in view of the impact of Kovid-19 and other factors.

Earlier, commissions ranged from 8.5 per cent for small orders to 30 per cent for high-ticket orders.

The move comes after over 100 women beauticians protested outside the company’s office in Gurugram recently.

The company has now announced a 12-point program on its platform in India to significantly improve partnership income and livelihoods for all its partners.

Earlier, there was no limit on penalty per participant per month, which has been changed recently with imposition of a maximum limit of Rs 3,000 on monthly penalty per participant.

The company said, we are reducing the maximum limit of monthly penalty per participant per month to Rs 1,500.

In case of last minute cancellations by the customers, the entire amount collected from the customers for cancellation will be transferred to the partners.

The company said, this was till now being done for UC Plus Partners. Now this will be applicable to all our partners.

Going forward, for any new product launch, the deduction will be made after the product has been delivered to the partners and given their consent.

In addition, we have reduced the prices of select high-demand products by about 10 per cent, the Urban Company said.

The urban company’s market value is currently $2 billion. Let us tell you that Urban Company is such a platform, which does many types of work for the convenience of the people through mobile app or website. Whether someone has to do makeup, house decoration, house cleaning or electrical fittings or any other work, this work can be done easily by just contacting Urban Company. The company sends employees to people’s homes for this work. This company has grown its business in a big way in the last years.

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